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Your investment is sound

Over the past few years, Movita Juice Bar and its stakeholders have invested significantly (both financially and managerially) to develop a solid business model that has allowed the brand to be successful and profitable. Now we want to share our unique concept and growth opportunities with passionate investors who’d like to open a Movita Juice Bar of their own.

What are the basic requirements?

Initial Franchise Fee 


Royalty Fees


Marketing Fee


Estimated Initial Investment

$437,500 – $580,500

Liquid Assets Needed


A Win-Win Scenario:

Movita Juice Bar Franchise Corp. has developed, acquired, documented, and safeguarded valuable wisdom and know-how on how to successfully open and manage a profitable juice bar concept. Moreover, we have the resources and intellectual property to promote and protect the brand. 

Are you a good franchise candidate?

This is a typical question that entrepreneurs ask themselves. How do you know that you have what it takes to own and operate a franchise? There is no exact formula that can show who is ideal and who isn’t. However, there are certain traits, conditions, and skill sets that offer an advantage over other candidates.


Do you have the funds available or have you identified adequate funding sources to open a franchise store?


Do you have the time, capacity, or a person who can handle the store operations successfully?


Do you have the personality to be part of this industry? (Hospitality, service, responsibility, ethics)


Do you have skills or experience that reinforces the operation of the franchise store?

“We have the know-how and concept and you have the resources and the ‘manpower.’  Put these two forces together and you have real synergy.”

Movita Juice Bar


We have identified the following pillars as essential to the successful operation of a franchise store.


Yes, the location is one of the most important decisions in driving the success of a franchise location. Maximizing exposure to customers is vital. Take the necessary time to find a great location! Saving a few dollars on rent is not worth sacrificing better exposure to customers.


If you have the perfect location paired with a winning concept like Movita Juice Bar, then you have the potential for a great business. We have the wisdom, experience, tools, and resources to offer a proven and dynamic concept.


Marketing is the “engine” of a business. When you have the right product, the right service, at the right price, now you just need a lot of people to find out about it. We handle the company-wide marketing and you handle the local marketing efforts with our guidance and support.


Here is where you can shine as a franchisee. Most of your effort and resources should be directed at managing and overseeing operational protocols. Being able to manage your team, offering great customer service, ordering and inventory control, and overall, excellent management of the store and its operations is essential to having a successful business. (We offer guidance, resources, and training!)

Ready to get started?

Please complete and submit the initial inquiry form below, and a member of our franchise development team will contact you with more information about acquiring a franchise.  If you wish, we can also arrange an in-person meeting, store visits, or the opportunity to clarify any questions you may have.

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Strong candidates have at least $150K in liquid assets to invest.