Why Movita

Movita is a great opportunity

Movita Juice Bar Franchise Corp. operates in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. The main focus of our company is in the wellness and health segments. We embrace technologies available to the food service sector and some that are proprietary to ensure that our business model works smoothly to meet the unique expectations of today’s consumers.  

Second to none, the Movita Juice Bar concept consists in the “MoVita = More Life” theme and the uniqueness of the recipes and formulas in our product line.  Our formula for success is simple: quality natural ingredients, great recipes, a hard-working team of baristas and managers, and a welcoming, friendly ambience.

A juice bar concept that offers a full array of healthy options, including fresh, raw juices, smoothies, açaí bowls and nutritional supplements.

A socially responsible company that uses fresh fruits and veggies, high-quality ingredients, eco-friendly materials, and is always up to date with the latest trends to support healthy lifestyles.  

Each store will offer at least four of the following five main categories of products within our line of fresh fruit creations: Natural Fruit Smoothies, Fresh-Squeezed Juices, Fruit Cocktails, Light Food (wraps and sandwiches), and Natural Supplements. All our products will be freshly prepared in the store using 100% natural ingredients. 

Essential products for a healthy life for any customer


Blend of natural fruits that include our mixes and ice cream or yogurt, featuring a natural enhancer as an additive; made from 100% natural and fresh fruit.

Açaí Bowls

Made at the time of order, prepared with top quality açaí, fresh fruits, superfoods, and cereals.

Fresh, Raw, Made-To-Order Juices

A complete line of natural, fresh-squeezed juice creations containing a variety of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Some creations will be standardized, while others will be a combination of choice. All juices will be made at the time of order.

Nutritional Supplements

Featuring a complementary category of products, we carry a complete line of alternative, healthy nutritional supplements.

Only good stuff…

Whenever possible, we support:



Ugly but

Although it is not always possible to be 100% organic due to seasonality and price hikes, we do everything we can to get as much organic produce as possible at the best value to you.

Locally grown produce is important as it assures more freshness, trustworthiness, and help for your communities. For instance, potatoes grown in other countries may contain retardants or could be harvested “when not fully ripened” so they can last longer!

Why let all that good stuff go to waste? Did you know that a lot of perfectly delicious produce goes to waste based solely on appearance? We love ‘em extra curves and wrinkles—they blend the same, taste great, and are eco-friendly!

Our Mission

“To provide the best options for healthy and tasty, natural, fresh-fruit creations for consumers who demand healthy lifestyles via concepts of superior quality, welcoming ambience, and top-quality customer service.”

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