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Movita Juice Bar Franchise Corp. is a socially responsible company dedicated to becoming the leading chain of health-conscious and eco-friendly juice bars, offering a wide selection of freshly crafted juices, smoothies, açaí bowls, and nutritional supplements. A big differentiator in our business model is that our anchor products (juices, acai bowls, and smoothies) are made to order and from fresh ingredients only. We never pre-bottle our juices. We don’t use frozen fruits or vegetables. We don’t add sugar to our juices or smoothies. In short, we provide “health” by the cup.

Movita Juice Bars first started operations in 2015, and the concept was received well by consumers since its inception, making it a success early on. In just a couple of years, the company was able to expand to many cities in the counties of Los Angeles and Orange: Pasadena, Downtown Los Angeles, Downey, Valencia, Santa Clarita, Long Beach, La Habra, South Gate, among others.

Movita Juice Bar was founded by two business partners who joined in their mission to transform the lives of consumers by developing a natural, fresh, and organic product line that provides options for a healthy-eating lifestyle. 

Movita = More Life!

Health in a cup…

In today’s society, healthy options should no longer be a luxury.  With the advent of modern technology, refined industrialization, and cost-efficiency through the creation of synthetic edibles, our communities are experiencing health issues as a direct result. It is no secret and the fact has been heavily publicized that we need to eat healthier and have more active lifestyles. To achieve this, it is necessary that we expand the resources and infrastructures that offer those healthy choices. With a collection of special recipes and a target towards the growing trend for naturally healthy choices, Movita Juice Bars were born. 

MOVITA is known for offering “health in a cup” via a wide array of healthy fresh-fruit and veggie creations like juices and smoothies. It is known for being a place where anything you enjoy is good for your body and mind. As complements to its unique selling point, its excellent product quality, customer service, and welcoming and relaxing ambience are distinguished.

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