Movita Juice Bar – Promoting Health and Taste as a Brand of Good Value

Raul Rodriguez, co-founder and CEO of Movita Juice Bar, on how supply chain strategy and sustainability empower the health-focused approach shaping the company.

For Raul, the core of the company’s values falls into two pillars – health and taste. “Health is a priority,” says Raul. “From the beginning, I’ve thought of the company as being in the health industry as opposed to the refreshment industry. But by the same philosophy, we knew that our products needed to taste good, so customers could enjoy good food that is better for them. People have this idea that if a food is healthy then it won’t taste good, and we have been challenging that ever since we launched the business.”

Movita Juice Bar’s healthy offerings fall into four main categories: smoothies, acai bowls, juices and functional beverages – a selection of drinks with specific benefits, such as kombucha, or their mushroom powder-infused matcha. Each of the ingredients in these products has been carefully considered to make sure they are the most beneficial to the health of the product. Click here to read more.